Can I change something?

I thing that my life is really boring. For me it's really difficult to fall in love. I had only one boyfriend. But he moved in another city and we broke up. I'm single for one year. Now I'm studying by hard and it makes me upset. There is no guy around me which I really like. And I don't know. I scared about it. Cause all my friends have boyfriends and they always hang out together. Sometimes I feel alone, but my friends are cool, they support me a lot. Maybe I just want have some one special for me. Want to believe that there is someone for everyone:)


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  • So then change it. Get around guys. Start talking to them. Join a club or get a hobby.


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  • don't worry being single is fine. enjoy your freedom ;-)

    basically focus on your hobbies

  • Take up a hobby or get out with your friends and meet guys. I'm sure there will be boys that you will like.
    My motto is: If you won't get out, you won't make out.

  • There isn't someone for everyone. Your life is boring because you are boring. No one cares if you don't like any boys. Not a single person.

    And as you age all of this worsens.


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