He went from getting hot to not at all, but left some things at my house?

A friend I grew up with contacted me last summer, we talked, catching up mostly, for a few weeks then stopped for about 5 months. (A lot going on for both of us) I recently moved back to our home state and a week ago he sent me a message apologizing for "ignoring me". I lived out of state, wasn't a big deal and told him he owed me a drink anyway. hehe We had the drink, went out again the next night. He came over the next day with some things and we hung out. He left those things at my house and planned on returning the next day. Calls and messages were consistent, flirty and promising. Then it slowed, and he apologized with reason. Now, it's been two days, I gave him space but nothing. His things are still here. Which I will gladly keep since I found pretty good use for his guitar! but kind would like the whole package. However, I'm concerned about him too. Hard for me to separate new feelings for an old friend so I can approach the situation 1) without losing the opportunity 2) without losing a friend. not sure if I'm concerned about him or am I feeling rejected. So now what? Call? leave it alone a little longer?


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  • Burn it all.


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  • Return his belongings to him asap and move on.