Does my friends with benefits want more?

It all started late this summer. I have been separated from my husband since this spring. My husband was unfaithful and he moved out by his choice this spring. My friends with benefits broke up with his at the time live in girlfriend the same week we started hanging out AS FRIENDS. Not long after we started hanging out we hooked up after a night of drinking. I said well that escaladed quickly. He said we can be friends with benefits . A month later my husband finally filed for divorce. While my divorce still is not final. My friends with benefits and I continue to hang out. We act like boyfriend and girlfriend. We cook for each other, we talk everyday, on the weekends when I do not have my kids we hang out, he picks me up from work and we go to lunch once in a while, I have met some of his friends, we went with me to a friends wedding, he hasn't met any of my local friends and I have met a few of his local friends. Actually I knew most of them. We all grew up together (kinda). He says he doesn't want a relationship right now. I have said the same thing but just because I am technically still married. He says things like say you were to move in here when he talks about adjustments he wants to make in his house, one night he was looking at property to buy in warmer weather for when "we" retire. I told him I am not moving there. I will miss my kids and I will be a grandma by then. I want to see my grandkids grow. So then he made a comment okay we need a big enough place for the grandkids to come visit. We cook for each other, he runs to the store for me, we do each other favors, we support each other emotionally. When we hook up he looks into my eyes, holds my hands and so on. Like someone who is emotionally connected would. Some nights we don't even have sex when we are together. We just cuddle, kiss, talk or watch a TV/Movie. Am I reading to far into this or is there something there? Could he be waiting until my divorce is final?

Why do say it won't or will happen?


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  • It certainly sounds like he is waiting for the divorce. The way you are acting sounds pretty much like a relationship without the name. Besides the sex, you are cooking for each other, hanging out with each other, grouping each other together with "we," and is slightly hinting at future things like grandkids. Not to mention you cuddle and do things without sex. It sounds like he wants more, and it sounds like you are happy with it so far.
    However, he probably doesn't want to stir the pot up more or push you away so he is trying to not define the relationship or make you run. So yeah, it sounds like he wants more. From what I've gathered, most "friends with benefits" tend to try and distance themselves emotionally as much as possible from each other. They don't try to do things like cuddle or maybe even kiss because they don't want to get feelings.


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  • Nope. Won't happen.


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