Will we ever be more than just friends?

I started seeing this guys a little over a month ago, it's actually one of my sister friends and he's 25, I'm 21. When we met we connected immediately and he non-stop asked me questions about myself. It got a little complicated before we could even go on an actual date, my sister boyfriend is also his friend and he made it point he didn't want us going out. Regardless we decided we were going to anyway. He told all his friends that we were going out (which was kind of awkward because I grew up with them even though there all 4 years older than me). He would call me is lady or his girl and he was just so affectionate making sure all his attention was on me. I met his mom and he said he's never brought a girl over his house like that. Recently things became different. He started just acting more like friends. One day it's like he wants to be friends the next day it's like he wants to be a couple. We recently went to a dinner at a friends house and they all asked us if we were together he told them we were just friends. (Before we got there he said he's never brought a girl with him like this) all of them kept asking if we were a couple and why weren't together. And how as long as they've known him he hasn't brought a girl with him like this. That night that we left we discussed what we was in the future, he said he's not looking a relationship for a long time (last year his ex aborted their baby and cheated on him) I agreed that we would just be friends and I was okay with that (even thought I'm not really) when I said I was glad we decided to be just friends he looked so offended and asked what I meant. Anyway, everyday he text me and wants to hang out and wants to hang allllllllllll day longggggg. It's so confusing. The situation seems so hot cold, he wants to be just friends but wants to be with me all the time. just today I saw and he wants to hang out later and he said if you're not going out with anyone else that is. PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINIONS I NEED HELP!!!


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  • I think you will, he clearly likes you and finds you attractive. But he's scared of being hurt again. Its normal for him to feel that way and he may feel like everything is just too much too soon.

    The best way you can help is to try and talk to him on a deeper level. Ask him why he is scared, what it is he is afraid of and reassure him you are different and will never hurt him.

    ps a tip is to remark how much of a bitch his ex was, but only if he brings it up. it shows you realise how horrid he feels and that you wouldn't dream of doing the same thing.

    Give him time if you love him and just make it clear you don't mind waiting for him. Clearly he is hurt, so it will most likely mean he won't look for someone else himself. But you can also clarify that too.

    I think you just need to converse more so you develop an understand of where you both stand. Good luck.


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  • No, you won't.


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  • I think he's reluctant to make it official because of what happened in the past but at the same time it's not fair to you, because you could find some other guy that actually wants to be a relationship. I would give him an ultimatum