Overanalyzing every interaction with my girlfriend?

I got this girl that's so smart and georgous and I have no idea why she's crazy about me. I used to be a fat socially awkward kid and I don't know if these insecurities are making me feel this way today. Got into bodybuilding weny into the military after high school have a really noticable physique and I can be very extroverted and confident with her but I still feel like this is too good to be true and I'm really hoping she doesn't catch on tothese little insecurities because she sees me as so strong. We can't see each other right now because of long distance and it's driving me crazy. I overanalyze every conversation and action wit her. I do t know if she's catching on but I don't want to lose her.


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  • dont let your past ruin your future she loves you for who you are now not who you were then, if you let your past scare you it will ruin the present and the futrue, your were once a chubby awkward guy but now you are a military stud be who you are now, cause that is who she fell in love with, by the way the person that you are now was shaped by the person that you were then so in reality she is in love with both of you past and present

    • Great advice thank you.


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  • I'm sure she's thinking you're a great catch too that's why she's crazy about you. May be you are a handsome confident man and you are selling yourself short by over analyzing.


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  • "By trying to grasp the bird and cage it he guaranteed it would fly away."