If I go for girls who are average or a little below average in looks does that mean I have low standards?

I tend to go for girls who are universally seen as below average or average. I know there's no chance in hell of an above average girl finding me attractive so I don't even try with them. Does this mean I have low standards?


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  • No wtf.
    You'd be lucky to get ANY girl with that face.

    I don't understand why guys who are generally unattractive (yes I know this is subjective) constantly undermine women who are also not as hot from society's standards.

    You guys are all assholes for putting us down like that when you're in clearly the same predicament.

    • I'm not trying to put anyone down. I'm just asking this because a friend told me I had low standards. I am not a very self confident person to begin with. Thank you for giving it to me straight though. It's great to know that my face is so ugly that I'd be lucky if any girl likes me.


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  • No, it means you have low self esteem.

  • I think it just means you think you are avarage so you go for the one who is on your level but truly many people end up marrying people who are in different social classes than they are becuase they realize those things really dont matter.


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  • Considering you rate them as "lower" no. But you're a fucking idiot for doing it.

    • Why am I an idiot for doing it? Most of these girls reject me anyway.

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    • No. I consider them good looking. It's everyone else that doesn't consider them good looking and makes fun of me for it. I already know I'm a failure but thanks for telling me anyway.

    • Anytime. However you refer to these people as "less attractive", so you can't possibly be doing both, unless you have a split personality between your penis and your person. Which is likely.