How do you know if you're getting played?

I have never been in a relationship, nor have I done anything even relevant to it.
I met this guy. We started texting. We hung out for the very first time, didn't go so well. Turns out he was on Xanax. I ditched him where we were supposed to hangout. Few days later, I texted him saying I was sorry I ditched. Wasn't expecting a text back but he did. He said he was not aware of his actions and he was sorry, he wanted a second chance. I said yes. We slipped back into our normal routines of talking/texting. He does not go by a single day without texting me, even if hours pass, He still initiates a conversation. We have only met in person once.


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  • Well you guys aren't dating or in a relationship so i don't see how he's playing you. You guys are just talking/texting. Him playing you is when he says he likes you but does things that say otherwise. Or if you guys start dating and he continues seeing other people... things like that. At the moment, you guys aren't anything so don't sweat it.

    • I mean like, is he only being nice just to get in my pants?

    • Well has he done or mentioned anything sexual to you? If not, then you should just wait and see how things progress. If he has mentioned or done sexual things to you then you have to be cautious and see what he's all about.

    • All guys want to get in your pants (1), but they may like a relationship also.


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  • You think you're getting played.

  • How do you know if you're getting played? Ask your girlfriend (s) what they think of the guy. They have the best outlook from a 3rd perspective.

    • And a sign that a guy only wants to get into yours pants is noticing inconsistencies in his behavior. Trust your insticts. A guy that only wants sex will not have a consistent patience for everything else.

  • You're dating a drug addict?

    There are no more guys around? You don't get hit on?


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  • Why do you want to know if you single I mean and u have a friend that text you daily. You know how many people would love that LOL cause now men/ women they not even texting back!

    • Yup some people are absolutely awful at texting people back!

    • That's what they say I been on some stuff like if he wants me he will make time people hv their phns on them all day the whole text bk bad texter is a lie.. l