Is this just an excuse?

So I called my crush, and we talked for a bit. But then he said he had to go bc his phone was about to die. Was that just an excuse to leave? He could've just charged it while we were talking.


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  • It may have been the truth, sweetie, for if he and you had 'Talked for a bit' it probably needed to be plugged in.
    I think in the cell case with many of us, we would prefer to just Lay it down while it's being recharged, rather than to go to to the hassles of doing this while talking...
    Yes, you're right, he Could have done this but may too have had other things he needed to do as well while he was charging this or just needed to go because he had been on so long with you.
    What ever his 'Excuse,' I feel that if he really didn't want to pick up to you at all, he would have of let it go to Voice-mail.
    Good luck. xx

    • That is very true, but he's such a sweet guy! He'd never do something that'd be considered rude.

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    • Let Mother Nature take her course... so far so good...:)) xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to be here... Happy holidays.:)) xxoo


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  • Yep, that was an excuse.

    • Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Did you suggest that to him?

    • I didn't at the time, but I'm analyzing the situation now.

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    • Yeah id never confront him for it, but You see I really like this guy and his feelings and actions don't always match.

    • That's all relationships. It's merely a question of whether one outweighs the other.

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  • he might of been out somewhere or he might have been doing somthing that he couldn't do while charging his phone i mean sometimes ill be talking to my bf while cleaning my fish tank n my phone is about to die so i have to go but yeah it might be an excuse but it might not be u never know n if it was i know some guys just dont like talking on the phone my guy doesn't but im slowly teaching him to stay on a bit longer lol