When do you know its time for the DTR talk?

When do you know its time for the "define the relationship" talk?


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  • Why do people play such pitiful fucking games? That should have been at the start of the relationship.


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  • Probably between 3-6 months of dating. Never do it within the first two months, it just makes you look needy.

    • The guy I'm sleeping with says he likes me all the time, I'm not sure what to say except "I like you too" I don't know.. I feel like he might be interested in something more. But I told him I don't date and move on if people want to be with me in a serious way. Cause I'm scared, but I told him I have to be comfortable first. Maybe he's holding off for me, but I'm not sure..

    • If you're sleeping with him and its been more than a month I would say go for it. Next time he says that just ask him what he means and ask him if he's seeing other people.