When you start talking to a girl you're interested in, have you ever compared her to your ex?

Say you had a beautiful ex who you were one in love with and you met someone new that you're starting to gain interest in. Do you compare the two? Or have you ever? If so, explain how you compared them.

I have a feeling the guy im talking to is still thinking of his ex. He told me in the summer he was thinking of getting back with her because they were in love and in a serious relationship. But he ended up not being with her because she slept with all his friends. I'm worried because he seemed to really love her and I think I'm falling for him.


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  • No I don't this as it would be unfair. I judge everyone based on their own merits, their own qualities and what I think they'll add to my life.

    I would never get with a new girl if I still had feelings for an ex and I certainly wouldn't be comparing the two.


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  • Comparing people with my ex is easy. Everyone is better than the ex.

  • It does sounds like he's not over her, which doesn't bode well for you if you get with him. I don't compare girls to my exes, but I've been in love before so I have a good benchmark for my feelings.


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