Girls, what do you like to do with a guy when you are getting to know him?

There's this girl I've hung out with a few times, we get along great and she seems to like me. I was going to see if she wants to get together and hang out this weekend. Girls, I would like a personal preference of what you like to do when you hang out that's allows for getting to know someone. We have had coffee and dinner. I just need some other suggestions?


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  • The way I would love to get to know a guy is going somewhere like on a walk or a public garden where all you really can do is just talk, Or go to an outdoor concert. I know this migjt be old school but rollar skating or bowling. Maybe even simething she has never done before tjat you are good at or like so you can help her or teach her. For example I never been ice skatting before so I would love if a guy tool me ice skatting and taught me to ice skate and help me. That would be a great way to start earning someones trust or even bonding.


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  • My boyfriend and I go sit on the beach with a bottle of whiskey from time to time :) we've been doing this since we met.
    But if you can't do that, take her somewhere you can have fun, like bowling, ice-skating, I don't know...
    You guys can cook together, thats fun too.

  • bowling is always a good one. It breaks the ice, allows you both not to take things too seriously and have some fun :) like crazy golf/ mini golf or whatever is usually a good one too. Just something different and a bit more spontaneous.


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