My boyfriend wants to follow me to college, should I let him?

I'm about to leave for college, and my boyfriend has started making plans to follow me, he's sent job applications and is looking for apartments in the town my U is in. Should I let him or encourage him to stay here and go to a local community college or let him follow me and go online? I want him to, but I want his future to be just as solid as mine.

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  • i'm sure there is a community college where ur college is as well. at that level most are the same so it doesn't matter a whole lot which he attends as long as he gets good grades


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  • It's important to have your own life. What happens if you were to break up? You should start your independent life and come back together. It will just make the relationship stronger and secure a future.

  • Let him follow you, if he really wants to and has thought it over I see it as a good thing :)

  • Do you want to be with him long term?

    • We've been together for nearly 3 years. He plans on asking me to marry him.