Do you girls like the arabian guys?

Just wanna c if somebody likes them cuz I think they're nice with them traditions with the ladies & they're loyal to them too & 100% they don't cheat.


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  • They're nice and don't cheat? I've heard different things and clearly it depends on the individual.

    To be honest, not a fan or arab or muslim culture, so depends, but I probably wouldn't want to date one

    • Actually I'm not arabian but I've been there twice to jordan they're nice people with them traditions & culture... & all the things that we used to c on TV that's not right... & muslim people is great in jordan cuz they're sunnah not sheaa , sheaa is the worst part , but u should read about sunnah's people in jordan no hard feelings but I liked them... I like them cuz they're pure

  • I'm not going to like them JUST on the basis of them being Arabian men. Sure, I've seen some who were extremely attractive but me liking them has to stem from what kind of person they are on the inside.


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  • Unfortunately some of them weren't loyal to Ottoman Empire in the history and this was the biggest fault of them.

    • Actually I like turkish people they're nice... I'm so sorry but don't forget that the ottoman empire tried to erase them language & traditions & culture... this is what I've read in history books

    • this is completely a lie. ottoman empire never tried erasing their language, traditions and culture but this may write in arabic countries's history books because. most of arabic countries were founded by great britain after world war 1. English spies used arab nationalism for making an uprising against ottoman empire between arabs. look at the today's some countries which is exploited by emperialist countries like india, pakistan, African countries e. t. c most of the people can speak English or french in these countries because emperialist states forced their ancestors to learn their languages on the other hand middleeast is ruled by ottoman empire throughout centuries but in the arab countries people can't speak turkish today because ottoman empire didn't exploit them. ottoman sultans even didn't get tax from holy lands (mecca-medina)