How should a girl tell a guy she's a virgin?

I've just started dating this awesome guy. The thing is, I'm 21 and unfortunately still a virgin. Sex never really happened for me cause I was always extremely shy and didn't have a serious relationship. I think he assumes I'm definitely not a virgin so it might come as a huge surprise for him.
So how do I tell him? I don't wanna make a big deal out of it but I also don't wanna treat it like it's nothing cause I AM nervous about my first time. It would be weird to just say it out of the blue. I'm nervous about his reaction, that he might think I'm weird or something.. he seems like a very nice guy though but you just never know. :(


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  • if you guys start talking about sex or anything related.. just casually mention it.
    Or if you're having a steamy makeout session and things get even more heated.. blurt it out there.


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  • Why do you have to tell him? Just lose it and then tell him if it ever comes up in conversation.

    • He'll know after anyway, tell him. He'll be more gentle; he'll have a lot more respect for you.
      before and after.

  • Let him know. He'll respect you more. I sure would.


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