What's the difference between going out on a date, dating, and being in a relationship?

I realized like literally a minute or two ago that I really don't know a lot about how dating works and how the whole date to dating to bf and gf to a relationship to serious relationship thing works, can people explain?


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  • A Date is one meet-up you both are presumably available and eligible to see what kind of interest you have in each other or what kind of interactions you are seeking. A date may or may not involve sex, depending on the temperments of the parties. Dating is going on a series of meet-ups and hang-outs with no promises or agreements about future social or sexual interactions. People can date for months without kissing, or they can hangout and have sex three times a week and call that dating too.
    There is something called "the talk" that happens at some point of dating where one person asks the other, if they want to make and agreement, an exclusivity agreement. This agreement says, we are not having sex with anyone else (if the relationship has not become sexual, then we are not dating anyone else) . At this point, if someone would introduce the other person as their bf or gf. However, it is tentative commitment, not necessarily lifelong or leading to engagement or marriage.


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  • Good question! Going on a date I think refers to 1-4 dates. Dating refers to casually seeing each other. In a relationship refers to being exclusive to each other. That's my take on the meanings of each.

  • Going on a date/dating is simply two people testing the waters to see if they're compatible and comfortable with one another to want to take it further to a committed relationship. Dating is really an uncommitted relationship where u can date more than one person. A relationship is where u are completely committed to that one person. :)


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  • Going out on a date is just going going out, you don't have to be committed... dating is probably where you would not see anyone else, and being in a relationship is just a stronger form of dating. That's what I would say, I could be wrong though.

  • Going on a date means you're having a one time meet up with them. According to my friends, is when people do this on multiple and frequent occasions, but abstain from all the bells and whistles of a relationship, A relationship is when they people spends a lot of time together and do affectionate things with one another, such as kissing, holding hands, and sex.

    • So what does "exclusive" mean, in the dating sense?

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    • Hmm... Interesting, I think I would only ever be able to date one person at a time, I would feel guilty for dating another person

    • A lot of people do, and its perfectly fine to only feel comfortable only seeing one person at a time. Just go at your own pace!

  • 1. Going out on a date = Tryouts

    2. Dating = Pre-Season Training

    3. Relation = Congratulations, you're on the team

    • I like your opinion a lot :D made me chuckle a bit