Dating Husband after Separation?

My husband and I started the process of divorce, but have decided to work on things. How do I ensure him I have changed? How do I date my husband again when we have a family and take things slow? How do I give him the space he needs to change his bad behaviors so this separation doesn't happen again? Please help! Has anyone been through this? Are we wasting our time?


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  • Three words... go. to. therapy.

    Yes, I've been through it. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. If it has come to divorce, then you guys need a medium to help you guys work though this and also help you guys identify what is causing the issues. Whichever way it goes, staying together or not, at least you will have more comfort that you guys did the right thing and probably learn a lot about yourselves in the process.


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  • I personally have not been through this but my brothers friend's mom has. She had gotten her 3rd marriage with this guy that she had meet on a dating website and he was way older than her. They dated for about a year. Then married. Before that she had two kids with a different guy. About 2 months after they were married she was really depressed and was getting abused. And so were the kids. She divorced with him and moved out. About another year later they got back together. I don't know why she would ever do that. After the second marriage with this guy he chased them out of their house and kept their dog for months. He then took everything worth value in the house and went back to live in his moms house. She got a divorce again and they discovered he wasn't taking his medicine for a mental problem he had. Later she found out he had 6 wifes before her. She contacted them and they all said he was really creepy. She wasted about 5 years with this guy and her kids were also getting hurt. But that was just her, not saying this will happen to you or anything :P