I know you're busy but I find you interesting. Let's go out?

He is one year ahead of me. We worked together for a month. During that time I felt he was interested, yet I never showed interest because he had a gf and I'm the type that respects. Yet I found out he broke up with his gf. I contacted him asking random question related to work and than to see how he was. He replied and just said: doing good, working really hard here. He works as a dr, so do I. So I know he is busy. He is 32, I'm 27. I have never been in a relationship, so I am handicapped when it comes to flirting, expressing my interest and proactively getting the guy without overanalyzing things which leads to doing nothing. I never responded to his Text. I am frustrated and am tired of feeling like this. Help a girl out, what can I do to change this?


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  • You can't force a guy to like you. From the sounds of it, you're creating some ideal in your head that just because you like him, he'll like you back, for absolutely no reason. Judging from what you've written, I'd say he's just not into you.


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  • Then respond to th3 text