How long should I wait to date someone after meeting on Tinder in person?

I met this really nice guy off Tinder, and waited a week to meet. I met him last night and everything went really great and he even asked me to date him already. I declined and said it was too soon. But I'm seeing him again tonight. What if he asks again and gets discouraged about the potential relationship when I say no again? Help :(


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  • Let him know frankly that you aren't rejecting him, but you need some time to date him. If he is really into you, then he'll probably understand. But if he leaves, then it doesn't matter because you wouldn't be happy with someone who pushes you to do things too soon.

    • That's very true. Thank you!

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    • You';re most welcome! But please do make it clear to him that you're not rejecting him, but you just want some time to date him. Otherwise, he'll most likely lose interest because we guys usually have this belief that a rejection by a girl is set in stone, and that would never change unless there';s a miracle!

    • I will make sure to emphasize I am not rejecting him. I mean, he wants to see me again tonight so I don't necessarily see him loosing interest if we wait. Thanks again. :)


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  • Are you actually not sure you want to date him, or do you have some magic timeline that exists in your head that we don't know about?

    • No, there's no timeline at all but I'm just not sure if I should wait longer and get to know him a little better before actually dating him.

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    • Hmmm, okay I suppose that makes sense. I'm just not one to rush things. I feel like that's set up for failure. But thank you for your intake.

    • Most things that fail fast would have failed slowly.

  • just tell it to him straight. you want to get to know him a little more before officially dating.


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