Does this girl like me back?

So, I took this girl from one of my classes to lunch yesterday for a friendly "date" you could say. Then last night I messaged her on FB (our only line of contact) and said that we should exchange numbers to make any possible future setting up of meetings easier. She proceeded to message me back her number within 2 minutes, no questions. Does this mean she likes me back?


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  • There is the possibility, but she may have just been on her phone at the time


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  • Maybe? How long have you known/talked to each other?

    • She's been in my class since September, and we've talked a number of times.

    • Then yeah, there is a chance, but then again, this girl in one of my classes, I asked her for her number just before break, she gave it without a fuss or hesitation or anything, and she answered my texts a couple times, and has not responded to a lot of them for awhile, so, yeah.