Why do girls (and some guys) LOVE pilots?

We're just glorified bus drivers. What's so good about being able to know how to throw chunks of metal around when people won't even look at you unless you're in your uniform? Anyone can fly provided they're rich (the aviation industry is particularly unsympathetic to financial needs.)?


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  • I don't find pilots being anything special.

    • Yet I've seen female flight attendants fawn over them and many girls online planning to stalk around the airport for an opportunity. I find that behavior unhealthy.


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  • You have to be reasonable intelligent for a start. I guess the novelty wears off on you but I think it's pretty cool, my dad used to fly light aircraft and take me up sometimes. Airline and private pilots can earn decent money too, I'm not bothered by that but some women are.

    • "You have to be reasonable intelligent for a start."

      Definitely not true.

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    • And you can train that average dude. Not everyone has enough money and financial support to get into a flying school. I was an average girl before I got trained, and so did most of the population of pilots. If everyone was a genius, and there was a prerequisite, flying schools would be broke.

    • people love pilots due to lack of training!

  • Cuz it's fun for the cuties to pilot on meh ;P

    • I don't know what you are talking about precisely. Please learn to speak English and reply at your own pace.

  • Because piloting an aircraft is a cool exciting well payed decent job.

    • Only because the media glamorizes the profession. In reality, it is not what you think. So many responsibilities and things to memorize.

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    • Why didn't you apply for a cadetship or a degree in aviation? Australia has some courses which you may be interested in. I know, any I am glad to find someone that is more passionate about aviation than me. If you want your career to take off, you need to combine theory with practical. Once I was stupid enough to think that if you can take off and land in a simulator, you can fly. Now, not to mention the meteorological conditions and aeronautical decision making as well as visual meteorological conditions to maintain as a VFR pilot. I suggest if you are interested, apply, start off with light aircraft textbooks, principles of aerodynamics, etc and not the big aircraft textbooks. I struggled with them before studying aviation and even now I do

    • Because it's too expensive. I took my second interest for college. After I earn enough money I'm switching career to being a pilot.

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  • Because they like men flying airplanes
    They probably think it's sexy