Why are men in their 50's still playing games?

I have met a string of men in their 50's and they still just want to sleep with numerous women. Still want to club every night and play mind games. I use to think well a man in their 40's and 50's are "mature" and done with games" Why are none of these men settled down? In addition they are not set they are living with someone, in between jobs, and don't have a car. at 50. There excuse about their last relationship. "Well I left, I made the decision" She didn't please me etc. But they want to have sex with anyone that is willing. I thought it was only men in their 20's and thirties that tell lies to get sex. But it's still these Old men with a young mentality. What are your thoughts?


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  • I've seen a lot of old men out with young women while I was on vacation and still have the desire to sleep with multiple women. I think it has a lot to do with their past, and their inability to trust people, and their fear of being deeply hurt. There prior experiences has lead them to feel that way and have that attitude.


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  • When i'll turn 50 i'll still play gmes... video-games :-PPP

    Anyway i find them cool tbh... it's really sad to see people becoming old, so keeping your youth in ANY way you can is good for me :-P

  • I am sorry to hear that your 50 year old hubby is cheating on you.

  • Nothing wrong with having a young mentality at age 50. It's a lifestyle choice. It's cool. You just need to find guys who are like minded, but you can't criticize them for wanting something different than you.


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