Can a girl ask for a date after intimicy already happened?

i went on a date with this guy we hit it off really well.. we had sex the first night cause we both ended up getting really drunk conversation was so good we didn't realize how much we drank…. anyways he told me he still likes me and we continued to talk. I've gone to his house since he cooked for me and hung out and had sex we did this 3x total. i told him i would like to go on a date and hang out he said ok. but it never happened. so the last time he invited me over i said no. i said i won't go there anymore till he takes me on a date because i liked him. he said he liked me too. so i said ok then if you like me show it and we stopped talking…. its been over a week and he hasn't texted me. is it because i pushed for a date and he didn't like it or he just didn't like me like he said?


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  • He cooks for you, you have good conversation, good enough sex that you both wanted more - but you demanded he *prove* he liked you?

    Part of me would be a bit offended that I'd already shown so much affection toward you and you still doubted me - in a "you still don't think I like you? Fine, in that case, I don't" way.

    • that is a good point...


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  • He obviously likes you. Maybe his got cash flow issues and is now embarrassed. Call him. If you want a date, you take him out.

  • If he does not call, you have not lost anything of value.


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