Met a man online.. advice? Have you ever done online dating?


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I met a guy online.. Advice please?

I met a guy on a dating site, he's 8 years older than me, which isn't a problem for me. He's been married once and has 2 kids. He's incredibly handsome, and has been very respectful to me. We've swapped photos, we text and have talked on the phone once. We have been chatting for about 2-3 weeks now and we've both mentioned how we'd love to meet. He has such a fantastic sense of humor, i love people who makes me laugh, not to mention we have the same sense of humor, like creepy jokes too soon.. lol. Though the only cons I can think of is he's one) an inch shorter than me 2) he lives in a different state. Now we're only about 4-4.5 hours away from each other... but that's still a good hop and skip. Granted my ex was 1.5hrs from me, at one point 2.5 and we made in 2 years. But I'm nervous about traveling that far to meet someone, I do own a gun and pepper spray lol but I don't think I'd need to use either.. I say id travel bc I've always wanted to go to a certain area of the state he lives in, I live in the middle of nowhere with nothing close by lol. Also, about his humor.. we had just swapped phone numbers close to Thanksgiving and I texted him, i got a reply, then a message from another number asking why I was texted her husband.. and they had 5 kids together... then I got a pic of a woman, a man and him.. saying they were his extended family and had to break me in right.. which I found hilarious after the finding our it was a joke. He said he had no idea until after the message was sent, they said his jaw dropped.. but anyways, he told them about me.. and a buddy at work as well he told me today he showed him a pic I had sent him this morning. Any advise on meeting, and experiences with this? Did it work for you?


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  • I've met and dated a couple people online. One relationship lasted two months, but she was 2 hours away, which made it harder. One lived in a different state and we did two dates before we parted ways. The girl I'm dating now is local. And I've found I appreciate being able to grab lunch with her on days I work.

    But to you question about meeting. I always preferred to keep everything public until I knew we were safe. I'd recommend the same for you. I met one girl at the beach. We walked the boardwalk and checked out the shops. Another girl, I took out to dinner and then we checked out the stores in the nearby mall. One date I went on was dinner and a haunted hayride/house place. My girlfriend and I met at a pizza joint, and then went to see a Rifftrax Live event (we actually recreated that date again last night). We both love to laugh, and we felt very comfortable having fun with each other.

    • I know how you feel with the locals. I'm from a small city, and I felt I couldn't find anyone that really connected with me. But my gf i met online lives 20 minutes from me and though we share a lot of things in common, there's probably no chance we'd have met. Different groups of friends, different jobs/working hours, and different churches.

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    • Sorry if I gave the impression that it was a big deal to me. It was never the reason my relationships didn't work out. It's more that I didn't realize how much I like dating someone who's always nearby (even though she works crazy nurse shifts and I have my 7-3 job). I don't think it was weird for me to meet them. There is definitely a different curve of getting comfortable around them. I tend to take things slow, even though if we're meeting, we've probably been talking and texting and messaging a lot. It never took me long to get comfortable around any girl I dated. I think the weirdest thing for me is the stigma I felt from my family about meeting my girlfriend online. It was one of those "not again! Hasn't this way of meeting people failed enough times?" I don't even care. My girlfriend and I met on eharmony, but we play it up and say we met on Our Time, or that dating site for farmers.

    • Thanks for MH!


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  • advice? don't take online dating too seriously. go out have fun but don't expect anything. and most of all be careful. ;-)

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  • I've done online dating. My advice is to find local people. This sounds incredibly complicated - the more separation there is physically, the more opportunity for that gap to be filled by lies. Do you really think a super handsome super funny guy (as you put it) would have trouble finding 50 girls locally? 500? That's the reality of online dating.

    • You make a good point! I don't think it would be, it's not for me. My problem is the locals...

    • My best experience was local.

    • I meant that's why I decided to check out online dating because I'm in a small town with people who don't meet my standards.. as in they're drunks and or drug users.. and that's what they spend all of their free time doing, not to mention majority of them are very sexual active.. it's just not a good town.

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  • Advice: don't trust whoever is on the other side of the screen

    • I'm very cautious, but we've seem to be getting to know each other well. It's not like we're getting married, just agreed that we'd like to meet.