Should I just move on?

I really liked a girl and we had a great time for two months. I managed to kiss her a few times and we often hugged etc. And I obviousely pushed my luck so we started hang out a little bit more in last few weeks, and I started to initial more physical contact when she suddenly asked me: Are you in love with me? Why do you like me? I said I am not, but I do like her and asked her does she like me? She said she does not know.. After two months having a great time, it was something I didn't really expect for. How does she doesn't know.. but it was obvious she wasn't ok with my physical contact that time. So I asked her how for last two months it was ok now it suddenlly isnt? Answer was There it was moment.. So obviusly I can remain friend with her but suddenly she isn't ok with contact she was ok before, and she was ok because it was a moment? I really do like her, but I dont know should I move on and not hang out with her anymore? She is great girl, but this one I didn't expect, so I am in worry I will be hurt even more, but again I feel like we really have connection... for her answer would probably be I dont know.. or she doesn't feel anything.. what would be your advice?


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  • Girls always defence ourselves. We may not sure if we are in the right game or sex game. If you like her so much. Just be patient to be around her and show your love.


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  • Try turning it on and off again.