I feel like i'm doing all the work?

been seeing this girl for just over a month now. she's quite reserved and quiet sometimes so she's pretty hard to read. Weve been to eachothers houses and I even had dinner with her and her parents, we just haven't had sex, or even kissed properly. Just cuddling and hand holding when watching a film or something. I've tried kissing her twice when saying goodbye but she pulled away. She gave me a peck on the lips a few nights ago as I was leaving but I dont know if that means anything or not. I confronted her about being hard to read, she said she knew but she does like me and enjoys spending time with me and she thinks we should see how things go and keep meeting up. The only thing that throws me is that she sometimes invites me to her house, then at the last minute comes up with an excuse usually that she's ill or something and just says its up to me whether I want to go or not, which puts me in a bit of an awkward situation. I feel like i'm doing all the work with arranging to meet up and things even though she said she wants to. Her text replies have also become longer but she will always say something eventually if I stop.


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  • Are you bored? Cause no offense I was bored reading.. but I did it anyway. I suppose girls and guys will say give her/your relationship a chance and I suppose she's already said that to you too. However, if your feeling tired with constantly taking the initiative to do things.. maybe you should wait it out for a month and a bit longer considering she sounds like the tortoise (from the tortoise and the hare tale) or you could consider either pushing her a little bit and encourage her to do some sort of fun sort of couple'y (shit).. Of course that would require you to continue with the initiative taking thing that you're oh so tired of doing and then there's your third option which in sure you obviously don't want to do... dump he--yeah.


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  • Girl like to test a guy. Would his love is real or just he want something. You don't know her very well. So you should spend more time to know her. I didn't kiss my bf until 6 months dating. It is hard but again I think if he like me as who I am and it is not about sex. He can wait. And sex can do it every day if we spend life together.


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  • No rush, Bromigo. If she's this reserved after 6 months then it'll be a tad concerning.

    My advice: don't push for sex yet. If she invites you, take her up on it. Excuse or no. If she still pecks like your grandma after the another month.. Kiss her how you want to be kissed.