How do I tell my girlfriend I want her to call me more?

We can only see each. other every so often like a month. I'm extremely busy and she knows it but I honestry love talking to her and miss her a lot. Don't want to sound like a little girl telling her this though. I don't know if she is playing it cool since we are a new boyfriend and girlfriend or she is getting bored.

She said before I don't want to bother you because she didn't contact me for a month and Its like she was holding her breath the whole time.. I feel like a little girl saying that I want to talk her more. Losing my game here.


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  • Why can't you just tell her? Why don't you call her?

    • I do like every 3 days. My worst fear is to appear needy.

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    • Have they met you?

    • Is there an age difference or something?


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  • Part of being in a relationship is expressing to your partner what you need to feel secure in the relationship. She can't give you what you need if she doesn't know. Don't worry about looking needy, because don't think she'll see it that way.

  • Just tell her! Problems start because of lack of communication.

    • Honestly if your new boyfriend said this to you wouldn't your interest level kinda drop.

    • No. I will be happy he wants more of me. Makes me feel more wanted.

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  • You need to just call her. Most relationship problems start because of lack of communication. You just need to be honest with her, have a talk with her. Only way to solve this problem honestly.