Why would he tell me she's cute?

We were talking on MSN about this girl that's in our college program, and after I mentioned her, he told me that she's cute. Why would he feel the need to tell me that he thinks she's cute? We haven't really hung out, but we saw each other at our program orientation, and that was it. He's really shy and never talks.

And tonight he's the one that started the conversation with me, so he chose to talk to me, he has no reason to believe I like him or anything, because he barely knows me, we've just been talking a lot online and the fact that we're taking the same thing at the same school.


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  • Probably that in his mind when he was placing the girl he thought Oh yeah she is cute. that is it. He didn't say oh yea she is hot I really would love to date her. He just probably off handedly said she is cute, which she probably is. But he is talking to you. Cute isn't a a statement of interest. He was just saying something nice about her. Nothing else. Let that go.


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  • maybe trying to see if you'd get jealous


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  • Maybe he just thinks she's cute. He probably doesn't know you are interested so didn't think it would be a big deal to say something like that.