Is she just jealous/hating?

I had a ex who was bad to me not healthy. I'm an artist so i love art. She will always talk bad like you will never make a living etc. Well today i'm a known artist but i won't say my name. We're now broken up and last nighti uploaded pics of my sales receipts via paypal over $40,000 on instagram. I was letting the world know that if you got a passion make a living out of that and that nothing is impossible in this world. Minutes after posting i get a text from my ex "are you rich yet selling paintings lol"?

was she she just jealous?


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  • Nah I don't think jealous I think more of shocked and astonished..


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  • I think she might be still trying to prove her point that you won't be able to make living from paintings. It's quite natural for humans once their argument proves wrong. She also might be even angry a little as she failed to maybe hurt you. Most people become angry once they fail to do something bad to other person and they wait for a moment to try again just to fail once more or succeed.