So I meet this great girl at pub then get home and all I want is ex , what gives?

so I was at the local pub last night , not really a very busy night out but I did run into 1 interesting girl I sort of know from around town but haven't talked to much before. anyways we hung out for a bit and had a quality conversation together and seemed to connect and have a good time. nothing serious really happened and I didn't try and take things further , she also was just up here for weekend and currently living in another town for work so no real chance to date her. but she's a really great girl and really attractive and has a great extremely sexy body. but then I get home and lying in bed all I want is the ex on a sexual level? I knew I wasn't over her but honestly surprised thoughs of her overtook this new girl


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  • If you take the time to get to know the new girl & find you like her, the sexual desires will naturally start to develop for her. Isn't that how it's supposed to go?


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  • Talking to this new girl got your motor running and reminded you of your desire for intimacy - and you have the clearest memories of intimacy with... your ex!

    • yeah I had the same though too , she got me thinking of sex but then when I started to think of sex it wasn't with her , the frustrating thing is new girl might even be hotter than ex in terms of physical aspects she had a great body

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