Guy called me a lazy ****?

i was seeing this white guy for a while and i'm an east African girl. He said that i should visit him more often and i told him i didn't wanted too, he said;you are such a lazy n** in a playful way (i live in a country where it is ok to say such things , like the n word) and i was instantly upset. I stopped talking to him but for him to make a remark like that... it suprised me. What do you think of it?


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  • Not to justify his remark, but you did tell him that you didn't want to visit him, which can be taken as I don't care enough about you to make the effort to want to see you unless you come to me.

    Sounds pretty lazy to me.


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  • I don't think he was trying to be racist...


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  • maybe he was a bit pissed off

  • That's a terrible thing to say. He probably just got his feelings hurt by you saying you didn't want to visit him more and tried to hurt your feelings back. Guys that do that are not worth dating because that problem will most likely only get worse. A dramatic example would be a guy flirting with you in front of him then he could purposely try to get a girl to flirt with him just to hurt you.