Why would someone lie about deleting their dating site profile?

Met this guy on OKC, we hit it off, have met a few times in person and talk for hours every day online, and he even buys me random gifts and drives an hour just to see me. We're not dating, but are pretty open about being interested in each other. he says he wants to take it slow so he doesn't freak me out and its "up to me" to make a move.

Well I deleted my profile, didn't tell him or anything just was bored with the site. today we were texting and he out of nowhere said, "we both deleted our accounts, now i can't look at your pictures anymore". but... well... I googled his name and his account is still there. like why would someone just voluntarily lie about that? i don't care if he has a profile, just i don't get why he lied about it. makes me backtrack on trusting him. any opinions?


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  • I hate to say it but if he is a liar, then he is a liar always. I would not get involved with someone like this. My question to you is, why did you look him up after he told you he deleted it? This behavior indicates that you cannot take anyone for their word and that you have a knack for investigating things. This may be a sign that you don't trust, and I get it, it's hard to trust. On the other hand, I had the same problem with my girlfriend. I got a new phone in which, with my old phone, I was always logged in to Face Book account. On my new phone I couldn't remember the password to get in, so when I told her I haven't been on for months, she didn't believe me. Could this site have a glitch? If you like, I would talk to him about the situation and tell him you don't take kind to lies. If this is a deal breaker for you from the moment you learned he lied, then cut ties and move on.

    • I looked him up because I was curious. I don't trust him yet, which I think is fine since in the grand scheme of things I'm still getting to know him. I'm not the snooping kind when I'm in a relationship but I do like to peer into thing when I'm getting to know someone just to see if I can down the line trust him. We've only been talking for a week and like I said, as of yet its not dating. Nothing serious. I wouldn't even mind if he wanted to keep his account since we aren't exclusive but the fact that he lied about it makes me have second thoughts. I didn't ask him if he had his account still, so he could have easily just never mentioned it. Its a strike against him right now. I don't expect anything serious right now, but I don't want to be played and lied to. Makes me wonder if he is not just a liar but trying to manipulate me


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  • He might not think you're as into him as he would like so he wants to see if there are any other girls out there who would be crazier about him.

  • He still wants to keep his options open