How do you get a guy to like you?

I'm 4'9 and I'm wondering how to get a guy to like me.


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  • I don't think you can GET anyone to like you... but you can definitely influence their attraction to you. One, gain some confidence (key), many girls your age don't know how to take a joke or tease. learn to laugh at one and maybe reply with a witty comeback. guys like that. two.. modest dressing.. dont dress like what other girls are saying is "sexy". sexy will attract guys alright.. but it won't be you they are after... and it will be short term
    three... flirt. tease a guy you like once in while or maybe even play the hallway bump N smile game. and this last one needs ideas one and two... know how to make conversation... to keep a guy interested. getting a guy to like you is one thing, but if you can't keep him interested, you are back to your question again.
    (sigh, bringing back old memories lol)
    Even with all that said im very sure there is some guy right now (who you probably haven't noticed, most girls never do) who likes you like crazy right now. but you are probably trying to attract the one YOU want... correct?


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  • You're only 4'9"?

    Fuck, I'm attracted to you already!!

    What's your name girl? Where do you live? Wanna go out?

  • Like as in attracted to or like as in interested in dating you? by the way, at your age, you have time to get taller.


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  • Have you asked similar questions like this before? Because I keep seeing this. Being 4'9" is not bad. I know of people who are that short or shorter and they still get guys a lot. Height isn't the problem. Be yourself if you want to get a guy. That's really all there is to it.