What do I do about my parents spying on me?

I'm 21. My parents are very strict cuz they're old fashioned Asians. I love them :) BUT they're all about the waiting til marriage thing. They hate it that I move out before marriage. I have a bf we're together for 6 months and they wish we would never move in until marriage :/ Yesterday my mom invited us over for dinner then sleep there overnight. They arranged us 2 separated room. I said No we only need 1 room and they're so shocked :/ Later in the night we found there's a camera in our room that's on recording us. I'm pretty sure they set it up to see if we have sex or not because they ALWAYS tell me to NEVER have sex :/ I love them I know they care about me but this recording is way off limits what should I do about this?


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  • Tell them your not a kid anymore and you need to live your life and really a camera that's shocking to me I never heard of parents doing something like that


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  • And I thought my parents were bad!

    • ... I mean what if we didn't notice and bang each other there then tomorrow morning they will watch it as if it was p*rn or something omg :/

    • When I was around your age my father was very strict. He would insist on my door to be open if I was with my gf and that we slept in different rooms. It was annoying at the time and he did walk in on us during sex once, it was awful.
      Anyway we found ways around it that were actually fun. I use to sneak into the spare room she was in just to be with her. We use to lock ourselves in the bathroom and have sex on the floor. There are lots of ways to get around it if you want too.. BUT there's a big risk of course. It's important though that it wasn't really about sex. Most of the time I just wanted to hold her until she slept. I would go back then, or set my phone to wake me before my dad got up. Fun times. But as for getting your parents to change, forget it. The only time it changed for me was moving out and the same for my sister too later with her boyfriend!

  • Not go back to the house? Seriously, I have a friend who doesn't even speak to his parents because what happened with them. Granted, it was far worse, but keep your distance.

    • They raised me... I can't treat them like that, but they seriously need to know I'm not a kid anymore. How do I tell them that? I told them 1000 times "I'M NOT A KID ANYMORE" but this thing still happen...

    • I moved to a state where mom can't visit (I didn't know it at the time... She gets altitude sickness). I visit them.

  • Do a 'Speed' on the camera. Take a photo of the room, print it, and hang it in front of the camera.

    • Lol they will know! Anyway we just turn the camera off and leave it there. The day after we leave I think they will notice the camera not record and will know that we notice, but I think silence is not the best way to go here. I should tell them something.

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  • shocking to say the least but if it were me Id give them something to watch

    • Ewwww the thought what if we didn't find the camera and they could watch us having sex is just too disguisting! I'm so glad we found that camera.

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    • Lol yeah, but he didn't want them to see his penis lol so we just turn off the camera.,

    • but if they see it then maybe they will just take the camera out... He dont have to be naked just you then

  • I would have done the most vile and graphic stuff in front of that camera.
    They would never do that again.

    • I mean if we didn't notice we would have sex right on our bed, then the next day they would watch it. I still feel so lucky we notice the camera :/

    • Yeah but since you did notice it... you should have went over board and just did things to scar them for life. Lick his ass, let him cum on your face, let him fist you. Just totally fucking ruin them.

    • Haha I wish I lick his ass in front of the camera lol. But no I don't want them to see his penis the thought of it is just disguisting. Anyway we just turn off the camera and left early the next day...