How do I avoid the friend zone and be seen as a dating option?

I've had 2 relationships. 1 but she was too annoying and one that went so well but she ended up cheating on me. But I've asked 4 girls out but only 2 said yes, the ones who said no said I'm too much of a brother to them. I've been told that I'm practally boyfriend material, sweet, kind, Funny, right height and nice smile (lol, yes it sounds to smirk, but I hear it all the time I get rejected). And so many ask me why I don't have a girlfriend. This seriously bugs me, but no one I ask seems to see me as date-able and it sucks for me, I feel that I need to change the whole me but my friends tell me to never change myself. Help?


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  • Just be confident. Dont put girls on pedestals and you'll be fine

  • #1 don't be friendly. Be a flirt homie