What does it mean If a guy tries to be around you?

I have a crush on this guy who I think likes me as well. He's always looking at me and tries to be around me. I notice how he looks at me when he sees me at a distance or near him. He passes by my class everyday and looks inside at me. Whenever I call him over he always bear hugs me. I notice when his friend sees me he taps my crush then points to me. My crush would look at me and then start talking to his friend. On Friday he was walking and looking at me. While he was talking to his friends I notice him keeping his eye on me. I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye. He passed by my class and was looking around for me. When I got out of my 6th period class I was walking and notice him looking at me. What does it mean If he's always looking at me? What does it mean If he tries to be around me and I'm the only girl he does all of this to? Why would he look at me from the corner of his eye?


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  • He definitely likes you!


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  • Maybe he likes you or he wants a friendship in my case I run to hide good luck