My bf hasn't mentioned his ex but?

So we have been dating for 3 weeks which has been great. he's in the military so ots dostant but we can talk n text every day. He told me he was in a relationship several months ago and that is all he said about an ex. But he still has pictures of them together on fb. Should i be leery or just bring it up one day. I creeped on his ex (naturally) and she's in a new relationship anyways. What do you think?


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  • As long as he doesn't spend lots of time looking at those pictures on Facebook I wouldn't worry. Some people take down pictures of their ex while others don't. If he's only mentioned her once passingly chances are he might be over her. Usually if someone isn't over an ex they can't stop talking about them. Next time you're with him in person you can talk about your respective histories but I don't think there is anything to worry about here.


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  • dont say nothing till he's back
    i guess she was just too close and he is too far so he wants to feel that he's there

  • As a former military member who was with someone in your shoes, I can assure you that given what he "brought up" and given what is on his Facebook he is either talking to her behind your back or something "else".

    This isn't a difficult situation to discern and I don't even have to be a former military member to even read this one easily. No man... EVER... I repeat... EVER will do as you said unless he is either hiding something, a retard, or is trying to make you jealous. There really is not another option, at all, none...

    • Well he only brought it up because I asked. I don't feel like he's cheating on me at all but I just thought its kinda weird to still have pictures of an ex on Facebook.

    • You asked for opinions and what I wrote is mine based on the facts presented by you and my own experiences in his position. What you do with it is on you. I wish you the best of luck.

    • I decided to ask him and he isn't in any way cheating. He explained everything to me :)

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  • Leave her alone and live your life.

    • Haha I nv talked to her or anything. Thats not my place :P

    • I mean don't ask him about her.