What do you tell your best friend when she says I love you?

What do you tell your best friend when she says im in love with you. And on top of that she's got a bf? But we dont live in the same state anymore since she moved 3 years ago.


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  • Very difficult. I assume you haven't seen each other much in 3 years? So you've had ages apart, she lives in a different state and has a boyfriend. If she's being honest, her relationship is probably in trouble... The thing is you can't break people up even if it's what's best for them. Then she should have time to herself, going from one relationship (if it was a long one) to another rarely works out well. Sometimes you love somebody but there are just too many obstacles, it sucks! The "it wasn't meant to be" cliché is a horrible one but sometimes it saves you a lot of emotional turbulence if you can accept it.

    • Yes we haven't seen her in ages and yes her realtionship is falling spart but I don't know. We havd to talk sbout it.

    • Does she know how you feel? Telling her is dangerous because she might end up resenting you for keeping the secret. Even if you had a good reason.

    • No I've loved her for 4 years now and she moved away 3 years ago. No i didn't tell her how a felt because i didn't want to ruin our friendship or losing her. Thats y i haven't told her.


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  • I assume that either she's not happy with her bf and she's wondering what could've been if she was with u, or she's just leading u on and being a slut. No offense lol

    • I doubt she's leading me on. I've known her for 6 years and where really close friends. And ik everything about her she tells me everything. And on top of this im in love with her too but haven't told her yet. Been in love with her for 4 years

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    • Ok. Ill message u

    • Did u get my message i sent like 5 mins ago

  • u r both stupid. no offense. but u're in love with her for 4 years and never told her? what were u waiting 4

    • I didn't know she lived me and i wasn't gunna risk losing my best friend because of feelings i have for her.

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  • i'd do the facepalm LOL

  • Friendzone her: "I love you too... like a sister".

    • The problem is i love her too. 😭😭😫😫