What age range do you usually date?

Do you go for younger, older, or same age? And why?
Every guy I've dated has been 1-3 years older than me. Most of them 2 years older. I'm not sure why that is, not a lot of guys my age are interested me. Even in high school when I was 16 I was usually dating 18 and 19 year olds. I wasn't a slut and I'm still not, but it seemed like most guys my age weren't interested. I was always told I was pretty but too intimidating.

Oh and by the way, I know that as you get older 2-3 years seems more like the same age, but I'm still young so someone three or two years older is at a different stage in their life than I am. I wouldn't date anyone more than 5 years older than I, and five is a stretch. And I might date a guy one year younger, but one year is as far as I'd go.


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  • 20 - 30. Not younger, nor older


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  • 18-30 but prefer older men

  • I prefer dating people closer to my own age since I feel like I relate to them. 20-24