My future in-laws don't know i'm jewish and don't celebrate Christmas, should I tell them?

My fiancee and I are two months engaged and our wedding is approaching in a couple of months. It's not been a big deal between me & her but i'm jewish, I don't really practice it but raised. I do observe diet laws and our "holidays" just cuz I was raised that way.
. Having said that, we are having Christmas wirh her family at their house. They are good people but caddle prod ya sometimes, and they have no idea i'm a jew lol
They want to meet my folks for the first time and I know something will be mentioned. Should I just go ahead and spill the beans? It's just never been brought up.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would mention something about it, but keep it pretty light so they don't have that moment of "OMG, we were totally insensitive to his beliefs!". I would make mention of something you like that they do Christmas-wise and then say "It's really nice to observe another religion's holiday, I never really got to experience this being raised Jewish".


What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't, unless the topic of religion or heritage were to come up. It doesn't seem relevant. It's not as if you're avoiding their Christmas parties, for example: that would require an explanation, LOL.