I'm ending it with a guy. How to I approach him about it?

I got fixed up by my old roommate with a friend of her bf. I wasn't really interested in meeting the guy but I did. At first I really wasn't sure what to think about him. He came off kinda strong and acted like he wanted more. all that changed a few weeks later. He started to became flakey and only coming over to hook up. Now he's only texting me to hook up. I decided to end it tonight. How do I approach him about it especially because he thinks he's coming over so we can have sex.


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  • Seems like its a bad idea to meet him just to say you don't want to meet him for sex. Its not like he's in love with you so you can just text him. Flakey people don't deserve so much compassion.


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  • Don't let him come over. Tell him you are done with him and not to contact you again. If he comes by call the police.

  • End what? He got and is getting what he wanted so what exactly are you ending? He is the one in the drivers seat here due to you sleeping with him so quickly. You could say anything and it won't make a shred of difference to him at this point.

    • End the whole seeing him in the first place. No more hooking up and that's really my choice not his.

    • In his eyes, all you are, is a piece of patch. Simply stated, you could tell him directly "it's over" and it won't bother him one bit. So pick your poison and go with it, it won't matter. My suggestion is do whatever is the best method for you to get it over with. You were used so live and learn.

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  • Bitch, it's over. Or it's not me it's YOU.

  • Just be honest and say it as it is. :)