Should I break up with my Perfect girlfriend?

I ma a sophmore in college and I am seriously dating this girl who is extremely loving, caring, passionate about me, we have a lot of similar interests.

Initially everything was so perfect. But now things have changed. I am not very attracted to her anymore, she has stopped partying as much as she used to which was one of the big reasons why I fell for her because we both were party animals. She used to enjoy meeting people but now just sits at home, She claims its a phase but this phase cannot go on for three months. There was a time where I used to enjoy talking to her and being with her. But now I just get too bored.

I am scared to break up with her. I have regretted breaking up with my past girlfriends. I don't want to hurt her, she is too sweet and also perfect for me, its just that there's no spark and I am not that attracted to her.

I am also scared about being single and lonely. Maybe being single can be really frustrating and lonely. Friends are not always free.

Also she is such a sweetheart I wish I could have kept her as a really close friend. Please help...


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  • Sparks can die out and respark during relationships. Have you tried relighting the spark yourself? Or perhaps exploring a new fun hobby for the two of you?

    If you continue to break up with people when 'the spark dies out' you will have an extremely difficult time with future relationships. That being said, it is always a good idea to explore your relationships as much as possible as to not let a good one get away.


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  • I'm sorry I think it's stupid to stay with someone because you are afraid to be lonely

    I wouldn't be in a relationship with a guy like that because I already would assume he only wanted me because he's lonely

  • Break up with her. Both of you are still young and have plenty of time to find new people.
    Staying with her would be like you trying to tape up a broken glass and pour water into it. Just buy a brand new glass. It'll end up being irreparable.


What Guys Said 2

  • How long has the whole relationship been?

  • Show me a super model and I will introduce you to the guy who is bored of fucking her. Get the point?