Too much of an age difference? Does that exist?

So there's this guy I've been interested in for awhile. I'm 22 and some might say too mature for my age, and he's 42 . We've always had an intense physical attraction but I've kinda always blew him off for other guys. Well we're both single now and he asked me out again. Is 20 years too much of an age difference? Should I just go on a date and see how that goes? Advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • Id prefer girls your age bracket went for guys in their 20's rather than guys in their fossils.

    • Guys in their 20s are stupid and don't know what they want. And fossil? Haha he looks better then most of the guys my age. And at least he knows what he wants in life and is established unlike these other guys

    • I guess you can count me out then, I'm only in my 20's, established, financially stable, bought a house only 7 years ago and know exactly what I want and where I'm going. Oh well.. :P


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  • Don't judge by age, and others won't judge you. If you're both genuinely interested in eachother (for the right reasons) there's no harm. It worked for Catherine Zeta-Jones, so go for it.

  • He's probably more interested in you for the sex. If that's cool with you then whatever.


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