Moving cities for someone?

So I met this guy in Thailand, we had an instant connection and after we both went our storage ways we couldn't get each other off our minds. It's been now six months and we talk everyday via Skype, text or phone calls. I have been to see him in Toronto and he is coming to Calgary right away. He talks about him moving here, that his job is readily transferable etc .. I guess I'm wondering if he is serious and if I should bring it up in a conversation. He is 29, so emotionally stable and knows what he wants. He is the most incredible person I've ever met and I would love for him to move here but I'm not sure if I should bring this up, as well as what major factors to consider..


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  • That is far too little time for such a major move. 6 months is nothing in the timeline. Not that I am against you two dating or anything but unless he specifically wants to move to Canada because he loves the fuck out of Canada this is a really bad idea.

    • He does live in Canada, he lives two provinces away from me. We met traveling in Thailand last summer

    • I see, my mistake, then I guess it's only a few hundred miles. Harmless. Do what you want.

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  • Why not, he really likes you if he's prepared to move this far. Make it very clear to him in a nice way that he has to get his own apartment that you're crazy about him, but you want to get to know him. Don't rush into things you don't know this guy at all. Help him to find a apartment tell him he should only move if it's going to be a positive effect on his career. He has to consider the weather change as well.