How do I keep up a long distance relationship?

I ain't An Expert With Long Distance Relationships, But I Ended Up Falling In Love With This Absolutely Amazing Guy. I Wondered How I Can Keep It Up Other Than Texting... Skype... And Stuff Like That... How Do I Know If He Is Doing Something Behind My Back Or Something... He Asked Me Out Yesterday And Well, I Told Him I Have To Think About It..

(Dont Ask Why I Type Like This Or Say Something Like " Why Do You Do This It Hurts My Hand)


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  • I am in a VERY long distance relationship. You have to just have open communication and a LOT of trust. Make your expectations known to each other, be SUPER honest about everything you're feeling. Over communicate. You are still going to have bad days and good days. Work through the bad days together

    The good news is someone's likelihood to cheat I think is something that is within them, not a factor of the distance.


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  • First you never know if they are doing something behind your back.

    Second other than tiny presents and Skype there's nothing else to do.


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  • If you can't trust them there's no point in a long distance relationship, it's all about trust you can't be with them much so if you trust him go for it if not just leave it alone, also you guys would have to give up weekends to travel to each other