Online dating okay or not okay?

Is online dating bad? well is the app MeetMe legit? w


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  • I had a meetme because I moved to a new state and it was a good way to chat with locals around my age and find out what restaurants and stores were good. I did not want a relationship. I wasn't looking for one. I made a few friends on there who I talked to on there everyday for months. One guy stood out from the rest and I eventually decided I'd text him. We texted for a few weeks before I'd agree to meet him in person. I eventually did meet him and he was even better in person. We've been in a relationship for 2 months now. I was lucky. Most of the time the guys only want a hookup. If you decide to get a meetme be prepared to have dick pics sent to you everyday by men of all ages from all over the world. They'll hit on you and when you tell them you're not interested they will then start calling you vulgar names. You might get lucky and a good guy will find you but it is rare. Also, if you do get one and decide to meet them in person. Please be safe about it. There's a lot of creeps on there. Good luck!


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  • Its a waste of time, especially for guys

  • If your a woman online dating is great. From a male experience, it's frustrating, pointless.


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