What should I take from all this? Confused?

I've never broken up with a girlfriend, I've always been dumped. In all cases she was crying and telling me that I'm a great guy and I'll find that woman I'm supposed to be with. I've had several older women tell me how great of a guy I am and try to set me up with their daughters. Recently I've had a very close female friendship end. I had feelings for her and she none for me. Again she tells me how great I am. And she hopes she doesn't lose me. I'll find that woman, it's just not her.

So if women tell me how great of a guy I am. Why does it always end the same? By them crying and telling me I'm a great guy but not the one? I'm thoroughly confused. Are they all lying? Am I just missing something here?

I've heard this twice now in the last month. From two different women. One trying to set me up with her daughter and another after a woman said yes to a date and then tells me this a couple of days later while retracting on the date.

I guess why I'm confused is, I hear it from woman who are breaking my heart. And I hear it from woman who want to set me up with their daughters. If it was just through breakups, I'd chalk it up to them trying to soften the blow.
Anyone in the late night want to take a stab at this.


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  • I could be wrong but it seems as though those women don't have any strong genuine feelings for you. Sure, you may be a great guy. You may be the greatest guy, but if they don't feel any attraction towards you then it's just not going to work. The girls crying may be due to them losing someone great. Almost like losing a very good who they have to let go of. Or, like another user said, they could just be playing the victim.


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  • Because you're not their types. Plain and simple. Your flaws are too great for them to move on with you to them. So just find someone who ignores them.

    • If my flaws where so great, why the tears. Why tell me how amazing I am if I'm so flawed? I'm not perfect by any means, but I just find it confusing why I've heard this so many times. It's frustrating.

    • Because girls always play victim. It's what we do.

    • If you're such a "great guy" then you guys would be dating, but in reality you're not in their eyes. You may be the sweetest guy but if a girl doesn't make something like that her main priority she won't care how sweet you are, because you're not her type.

  • Hmm, I don't know what to say

  • Maybe you are genuinely a nice guy.. Maybe too nice for them or possibly what they aren't looking for


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  • Are you being an open book to them? Listening to everything they say and doing everything they ask for?

    • No. If anything the first two relationships I had I didn't listen enough.