Should I give up on my crush?

i reallyyy like this guy, like ihavent liked someone like this in a longgg time but this girl seems to like him too she's always hugging him and eerything i just look away, i feel she's prettier than me, better than me :/ should i give up?

  • give up before you get hurt!
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  • dont give up fight for love!
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  • Get some confidence, lady. Just because she likes him too, doesn't mean he likes her. To me, if you like someone, make it obvious and put yourself out there. Flirt, sound interested, and show that you're interested as well. Who cares if someone else likes him, just know that YOU like him :)

    • thanks for the advice but how do i make it obvious i like him but i dont want to make me seem thirsty?

    • No problem and what I would do is make sure you pay attention to him, listen to what he says, compliment him on things he does. Just show you like him and make sure you flirt with him or male it obvious that you like him. You could also touch him when you talk, that can show interest as well.


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  • no one can tell you that you don't deserve what you want.


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  • Don't down yourself. Yeah she maybe more attractive, but when it comes down to it, its all about personality. She can be super pretty with a shit personality. And honestly, personality overrides looks in my opinion.

  • Don't give up! What if he likes you instead? Stop putting down yourself so much and make an effort to get his attention!