Boyfriend for 3yrs, wants to be friends wif me? What shall I do?

I with my bf for 3years plus.. Now he wants to be friends. Cause our future it's not happen cause of his mother doesn't want him to marry me. I don't know I should move on and stop talking him, cause his mom wants to find girl for him. And I'm so angry and sad, and she doesn't understand that I love his son so much :( my boyfriend is 30 I'm 27. I will never find a man like him that his so loving and sweet. Now my boyfriend doesn't talk to me and call me much. His just like ignoring me and keeping distance from me.. What shall I do? Should I move on :(


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  • Real question is why do you want to be with a guy who listens to his mom about who he has to marry?
    I say move on even though it's hard there isn't much to do, he clearly gave up too easily but that's a mama's boy for you... Sorry you have to go through this


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  • What should you do? tell him he's 30 and its his marriage not his moms lol


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  • but didn't u mention earlier in other comments that u never had a bf? u said that u just dated but never went into a relationship. something fishy is going on

  • I just chocked a little on my own spit while laughing my ENTIRE FUCKING ASS OFF!!! ... This guy and his mom.. lmao... ANYWAYS! His mother wants him to be with someone else, so you should just leave him alone because he will most likely do what his mommy says...