Why does tv make people believe they can drop a guy with 1 kick to the groin?

A girl i know thinks she can drop any guy just by kicking him in the nuts... that is so not true, the only guys that would actually drop from that are wimps surely... its not like in the movies? why do girls think this, is it cause of tv?

ok so it seems adrenalin is the answer haha


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  • mainly because i manage to make my little brother to get temporarily paralyzed from the pain of getting hit by a falcon kick to the groin, its gotten to the point where he manages to block me 87% of the time by reflex, you'd think i'm a terrible person for doing this but he's the one who keeps trying to harass me and tries to invade my room all the time =_=

    (note that he's actually quite well built yet i can still take him down, but nowadays i disable him with martial arts instead of a good ole fashioned nutcracker punch/kick, since he apparently wants kids)

    • he must be a little wimp lol

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    • yeah thats fair enough, maybe he's just more sensitive than most guys then i don't know

    • it seems a knee is what it takes rather than a kick lol


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  • Maybe not from a kick but this guy was choking me once so I knee'd him as hard I could he was a whole foot taller so I had to swing my body into it like a punch.. that MF doubled over in pain

    • for real? so he actually fully went down and hit the ground?

    • Well he grabbed his balls & fell to his knees & then I poured my beer on him :) but he wasn't like laying on the ground crying

    • hmmmm just thinking about a knee there makes me feel sick actually... i prolly would drop from that i guess

  • If hit in the correct place, the proper angle and force it's possible; you need to know the location of the vital/pressure point.

    • what do you mean by location of the vital pressure point

    • Oh i get it now

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  • I have a pretty high pain tolerance and can handle myself in a scuffle, but I've been doubled over with a shot to the groin when I wasn't expecting it. One time I was lying in bed and my ex-girlfriend tried to jump on me in a sexy way, but her knee went straight to my balls. I almost threw up from the pain.

    • yeah i think every guys gf does that at some stage

  • Well it does hurt a lot, however in a fight situation adrenalin kicks in and you don't feel the pain so much.

    • yeah exactly

    • adrenalin takes over from the pain

  • If it is a proper fight they wouldn't drop from a kick to the groin, adrenaline would make sure of it. Guys broke into my house and beat me up, i got kicked in the groin with steel toed work boots, it didn't hurt until about half an hour later.

    • yeah adrenalin will block any pain