How to talk to your boyfriend about your relationship?

I want my boyfriend to talk to me about us and get to the problem with some issues we have. He blows it off. Says I don't want to talk about this if your going to talk about this I am going to leave. Everytime. He says I am not going to talk about something dumb ur upset about. It hurts bc its not dumb, I am thinking about leaving him even though I love him. He doesn't give me his time, sweet words or even a romantic date. The best thing I get is a love you back and kiss on my cheek and maybe my lips. We never make out, we never get mushy, we never go on dates, were never serious. He just wants to be best friends and chill on the sofa all the time. How do I get him to take me seriously? I have tried not talking to him for a whole day, he doesn't care he just waits around till I cave.


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  • Make a powerpoint.

    • haha no really!

    • I'm dead serious. If he won't listen to you in real time make something that goes over how you feel and can be presented at any time rather than wasting your time racking your brain over it. He asks someday "What's wrong?" and you hand him a tablet.


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  • Communication, respect, passion and affection are so so important in a relationship and it doesn't sound like he's giving you that! Trust me, he's not going to change anything even if you do talk to him. Even though you love him I think you should leave him, you really deserve better x

  • Every relationship is different not everyone has to make out or get mushy